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Question: how to avoid stretch marks after delivery

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Answer: You have to start before delivery itself. It depends on your skin type. If you have dry skin naturally then stretch mark.will be there. Try having lots of water and apply moisturising creams, body butter for stretch marks.from now itself. By doing this you will have lesser strecth marks post delivery
Answer: Apply coconut oil or olive oil daily twice a day And drink lots n lots of water keep your self hydrated Postpartum stretch marks will usually lighten up or fade out but will not vanish off..
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Question: How to avoid stretch marks
Answer: Stretch marks occur because of the uterine expansion, and because of the accumulation of fat cells in the abdomen and thigh area. Eating a balanced diet and hydration are very important during pregnancy. Eating a high fat high calorie food not only affects digestion, but also causes weight gain, and stores fat, and causes stretch marks. So a high fibre, high protein diet is better, with lesser carbs and fat. A lots of fruits gives the body the needed vitamins, and keeps the skin supple. Lots of warm water to drink. Also, massage the body with warm oil, and take a hot bath. This will flush out toxins from the skin, and open the pores. Apart from this, if you are genetically predisposed to stretch marks, you can't avoid it. You can try the above, and apply an anti stretch mark cream when it appears. A lot of creams are available in the market.
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Question: How to avoid stretch marks
Answer: Keep ur body mosturized all tym apply bio oil twice a day.
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Question: How to avoid stretch marks?
Answer: Apply coconut oil on your baby bump daily overnight..
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