37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How they will remove cervical stitches?

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Answer: Hi dear. removing of cervical stitches sometime need mild anaesthesia and sometime even does not and anaesthesia is needed I think you want to know if the removal of cerclage is painful or not then they give don't worry because it is not at all pain to it is just a minor process .
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    Smitha Raju827 days ago

    I had it in first pregnancy and its not at all painful no anaesthesia needed . Its just 2 min procedure dont worry .

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Question: Certix stitches anyone no how they remove.
Answer: Hi, its a simple procedure to remove, no anesthesia required, just takes 2 minutes.. A mild sharp pain qill be there..
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Question: Hi after c sec will they remove stitches manually or it eill resolve by its own?
Answer: Hi dear it depends on the thread used usually dissolvable stitches are put and do not need to be removed
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Question: cervical stitches remove krne me koi pain hota he Kya?
Answer: Hello! Nehi, cervical stitches remove karte time pain Nehi hota hain. Tension mat lijiye.
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