1 months old baby

Question: How should I shift my baby feeding from bottle to breast... Initially I was not producing enough milk so we started bottle feeding.. Now I want to switch back.. But my baby cries whenever I offer my breast to him

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Answer: U can try using the rubber nipple for breast feeding....
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Question: Hi... Im a new mom n baby is 7weeks old now... Initially my baby was bottle fed with formula and pumped breast milk due to flat nipple... Now that problem was resolved and now my baby was not latching to breast and he prefers bottle feed... So i have to pump milk n give him in bottle... What to do to switch him back to breast... Pl suggest
Answer: Even I have faced the same problem exactly as yours. Bottle feeds should be avoided as my baby suffered bcz of this she had ear infection n became colic. Ear infections are caused due to the usage of bottle where the milk flows from mouth to ear n nose n also they swallow lot of air while bottle fed and they become colic. I suggest u to use a nipple shield so that the rubber quality makes the baby feel like bottle, use for a month then automatically baby will latch. It is also a solution for flat nipple.
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Question: my baby has suddenly stopped drinking my breastmilk and want only bottle .he cries if i offer him breast milk .what should I do pls help ?
Answer: Dear as you have given the option of bottle it is quite normal that babies leave breastfeed after that. Only way is to offer only breastmilk no matter what to ur baby if he is hungry. He may refuse couple of times but will eventually take it. You have to be strong and ignore the cries for sometime. Hope it helps.
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Question: My breast milk is very less nowadays.. initially it was producing plenty.. what I should eat to produce more milk
Answer: Hi dear....hope ur baby is fine ..To increase you milk secretion you can take garlic,jaggery,more dairy products,iron rich diets like green and veggies,dry fruits and nuts,wheat diets,jeera and methi water for good lactation...hope it helps
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