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Question: how should be movement of baby during 35th week

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Answer: 32 weeks to 35 weeks This may be the most exciting time for feeling your baby move, as at 32 weeks your baby's movements will be at their peak. Afterwards, the frequency of your baby's movements will plateau until you go into labour. As your baby grows and has less room to move, you may notice that the type of movement you feel changes. They may start to feel more sustained or slower due lack of space but they should feel hard, strong and powerful in the weeks leading up to the birth. You should still be able to feel your baby wriggling around in there, though! If his thumb pops out of his mouth, you may feel his head darting from side to side as he tries to find it again. You may also notice that your baby develops a regular time of the day when he's most active.
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Question: What should be the movement of baby during 38th weeks??
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy and all the best for your motherhood. During the 34 and 36 weeks the amniotic fluid is reabsorbed by your body, which increases the amount of room that the baby has to move. After 26 weeks fetal movement should be felt on a daily basis. However if you aren't feeling the baby move for 12 to 24 hours after 26 weeks you should contact your gynecologist. So you can wait for another week or so, if still not felt, you can check with your gynecologist. Hope this information was helpful.
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Question: For active kind of baby how many kicks and movement should be present during 32 week of pregnancy
Answer: You are 32 weeks pregnant! Baby’s thrashing, spinning and somersaulting might actually begin to ease up soon. She’s been more and more active as her bones have hardened, her muscles have developed and her nervous system has become fine tuned. Soon she’ll wrap all that nonsense up and settle, probably head-down, and begin the long wait. When there are movements, they can be forceful enough to cause real pain or difficulty breathing. Move around and resist the temptation to jab back. As baby slows down her movements, it can sometimes seem like there is no movement at all. Chances are you’re just too busy baking muffins and supervising your husband as he hangs, and re-hangs, pictures in baby’s room. If you feel your baby’s movements are too few and far between, take a simple kick count. Find some time to rest on your side during a period of the day when baby is usually fairly active....if counting...then 8 to 10 kicks or movement in 2 hrs.
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Question: Is baby movement reduce at 35th week?
Answer: Yes sometimes because of the baby growth and lack of space the movement will become less. Also the baby will not be active all the time
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