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Question: how shall i know that sperm spread into vaginal mam

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Answer: Hi dear,always remember if the flow of sperm after the sex is leacking out then that means that the sperm counts are good enough Also let me tell you sometimes you may not necessarily feel that the sperm is gone inside the vagina but it has actually reached as all women don't get the nothing to worry in that.
Answer: Hello! When the sperm is ejaculated inside, even one drop is enough to fertilize the egg and make you pregnant. Hence, there is nothing to worry, if everything is fine and it matches with your ovulation day then chances of getting pregnant are high Take care
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Question: How do i Know that my baby has entered into pelvic area
Answer: When the head of the baby get engaged into the pelvic cavity then is called baby drop Some signs to know that baby has dropped First is u will feel baby bump has shifted downwards suddenly the breathing problem which was affecting you in third trimester will be cleared that is you may able to breathe better Increase frequency of urination Increased pelvic pressure You may or may not feel constipated
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Question: After intercourse, lot of sperm is still outside and I am washing it.. How can I make sure that Sperm entered into my Vagina...
Answer: hello dear, after the end of intercourse millions of sperm enters in the cervical canal, rest ozzing out from your vegina this happens to everyone. so don't worry.
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Question: how shall i know that mam
Answer: If you are planning for pregnancy u have sex at the time of your ovulation means between 10 to 16 days after your period. This is the best time to conceive. Otherwise u can do follicular study to know exact date of your ovulation.
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