35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: how often sonography done in pregnancy, anomaly test was done in 5 month and now 7 and half month running but my gyanchologist have not done or not suggested to do sonography,

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Answer: At around 28-32weeks growth scan is generally done... At 32 weeks completed i had a growth-scan. Blood test ,urine routine and thyroid and glucose fasting . Hope it helps.
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Question: I have done my urine pregnancy test but it was negative. What should i do now?
Answer: Hello I would suggest u to take the test again next week. If u get a positive result then get a blood test done for confirmation select a good gynacologist and begin this wonderful journey
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Question: My last sonography was done at 5 mnth n now my 8th month is running, is everything alright ?
Answer: Yes.. After end of 5th month or starting of 6th month, no scan is required until mid of 8th month.. Now, they do growth scan..
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Question: My 9 month sonography is still not done by dr. And now dr say it is not necessary is it ok or should sonography done in 9 month
Answer: Hello! 9th month sonography is not always compulsory. It depends on the doctor also. Hence, there is nothing to worry if your doctor has asked you not to do the scan. Take care
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Question: Hello I am 5 months pregnant till now I have done 4 times sonography including anomaly scan it was not done properly so can I do it again as baby parts was not seen properly by the person
Answer: Yes u go for another scan. It is not harmful.
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