2 months old baby

Question: how often should i feed my 2 months old baby. ? how many times should he pass urine & motion.?

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Answer: There is no specific number for all of this. He should be fed for as many times as he is hungry..it could be 7 times to 10 times depending on his hunger..for urination too,the diapers should be full for 6-7 times atleast...motion can be once in 7 days or 7 times in 1 day..both are normal
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    Divya Gopalakrishnan808 days ago

    Thank u dr.

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Question: Minimum how many times a 2 months old baby should pass urine in a day?
Answer: Hii dear 2 months baby pee from 6 to 8 time if fed well and may be increase the urine in winter and decrease in summer.
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Question: How many times a 2 months old baby should pass urine in a day
Answer: Minimum 6 times ... If u like the answer give thumbs up
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Question: How many times baby should pass urine n motion on day 2
Answer: Motion 6to 8 times. Urine lots of time may be after each feeding that's 12 to 15 times a day
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Question: My baby is 51/2 how many times the urine should pass....he is drinking breastmilk
Answer: some babies will pass urine after every feed and some babies will pass urine in every one hour or 3 hours. it will depend upon the breast milk intake .
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