5 months old baby

Question: how oats help in my diet.... is it good to have oats daily.... does it reduces breast milk

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Answer: Oats is one of the superfood to have after delivery. 1) It's super rich in dietary fibres hence keep your digestive system healthy. 2) It's known to improve milk supply in breastfeeding mothers. 3) It's also great source of minerals as iron and calcium which are very necessary during postpartum recovery. 4) Super quick and easy to cook, can easily blend with fruits or vegetables thus upping it's nutritional value.
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Question: Does periods reduces breast milk?
Answer: Yes.. but this decreases bm is temporary.. The decrease in your milk supply related to your period is usually temporary. You may notice the dip during the few days before your periodarrives. Then, once you get your period, your supply should begin to increase again as the hormones balance out... Hope this answer will help you
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Question: Does wearing nursing bra reduces breast milk?
Answer: No it actually helps in feeding n also helps in lifting breast and avoids sagging.
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Question: Does pumping milk out reduces milk supply? Is it correct
Answer: No dear it will not reduce milk supply. As u pump at regular intervals the milk supply will increase.
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