Few weeks old baby

Question: how much weight should increase in 1 month from birth of baby

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Answer: It depends on baby weight,from his birth weight he has to Improve 200 grams per week. U may calculate according to that.... If weight not increased don't worry, still he is active and taking feeding well.
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Question: How much weight should increase in each month of pregnancy
Answer: There is no such chart for that. Infact my gynaecologist said there is no relation between mother's weight gain and baby's weight gain. So if mother is not gaining every month, does not mean baby is also not gaining weight. So dont bother much about it. Focus on healthy eating your baby will have nutrition from that and will gain weight definitely.
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Question: How much weight a baby should increase in first month from birth weight?
Answer: for first month of their birth they don't gain any weight in fact first they lose some weight and then they start regaining their weight and at the end of a one month they are equal to their birth weight.
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Question: In one month how much baby weight increase from birth?
Answer: Hii dear baby weight should increase by 500 gm in the first month of age. Do give breastfeeding exclusively to the baby for the first 6 months to have a healthy baby. Hope it helped, Take care urself...
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