38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How much weight should be there for baby during delivery

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Answer: Hii dear congratulations for ur pregnancy .an average weight of baby y should be in-between 3 to 3.5 kg as per WHO standard.
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Question: For normal delivery how much AFI level should be there
Answer: Hi.. Dear At the peak of 34 to 36 weeks, you may carry about a quart of amniotic fluid. After that, it gradually decreases until you give birth.. You do not stress yourself thinking about it.. Because no one can assure you till the end whether you will have a normal or a cesarean delivery from before hand. However, you can climb stairs and do squats as well, approximately 20 reps in a day. But, I can give a general advice, which is common for all expecting mothers. However, you need to take approval from your gynaecologist, before doing these exercises, because she aware of your case.
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Question: How much weight should be there for pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear average weight which a mom to be gain is in-between 10 to 15 kg but basically it depends on the bmi. If u r low in weight then u should increase 15 to 29 kg and if u r heavy by weight then u should gain 5 to 8 kg.
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Question: Iam 5.3 feet height How much should be my weight during delivery time for normal delivery
Answer: Hello..i m 5.4and weigted 82at my normal delivery...the normal delivery weight us not anything specific..akong with weight other things matter like baby position.. opening of cervix..your body ..so don't worry so much.
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