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Question: How much weight is allowed to lift when trying to conceive? As generally I have a office bag lunch bag water bottle which i carry in metro and travel 1 km with all these...all these things are sometimes more than 3 kgs it safe???

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Answer: Hello dear. Do not worry it is not too heavy. I actually asked this to my gynae and she said upto 5 kg is sufficient. Not more than 5 kg shohld be picked also make sure that your stomach doesn't get the pressure. Hope it helps.
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    Manila Gambhir32 days ago

    Thanku soo much

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Question: I dnt have anybody elder around me throughout my pregnency and i guess in my delivery also. We both are trying hard and try to get as much as help from books, inernet, applications like this and my docter. They are the only source of knowledge for us. As I have seen when your mom ir mom in law or like arounds you,then u dont have to worry aBout anything. They are helping u as much as they can. coz they have their experiences which helps us too. I am bit scared about all these things. So i need to knw what are the other options where i can get homely advice?
Answer: Hi,relax rhere is nothing ro woery my dwar just be normal eat well. Avoid papaya Avoid caffeine Avoid packages food Eat eveey two hours. Take goid rest. And if you have any doubt we are always there fir you. Take care
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Question: I am suffering from low lying placenta and doctor has given me bed rest can you please explain a little what this problem is other than this with in a month I gained 4 kgs due to water retention and not eating well please explain all this to me as I am very much disturbed
Answer: Hi,in low lying placenta it is imp to take rest aboud bending avoid lifting heavy avoid doing any stranious work as else it will lead to bleeding.also try and keep tour legs elevated as you have water retention.
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Question: I have completed my 4months.. 5th month has begun... I m working in a bank nd now started facing backache due to sitting... Also my job is from 10-6 nd 2pm lunch before and after which i m getting hunger pangs with problem of gastric pain...pls suggest wat all extra things i can carry for eating other den lunch which are healthy option nd easy to eat while working in the office.. also how can i get rid of the backpain... pls suggest friends
Answer: Take dry fruits like cashew, almonds etc. Drink plenty of water. U should sit r stand for long time it 'll harm ur baby as well as u. Use some soft back support while sitting
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