7 months old baby

Question: How much water should be given for 6 + month baby ?

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Answer: Hello, Dear after 6 months baby can have 2 ounce of water daily not more than that because baby's diet already included water in milk or in puree so it's sufficient.
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Question: How much water should be given to 10th month baby?
Answer: I can understand your anxiety. A baby on breast feed or bottle feed does not require more amount of water before twelve months. Water quantity should not exceed 120 to 150 my period day. A sip of water or two sips while feeding solids is perfectly fine. But there is no minimum quantity of water that you should give baby before one year. Take care
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Question: How much water should be given to a 6 month baby
Answer: Hi! If your 6 month old baby is still breastfed then 40 ml in 24 hours is absolutely fine but if your baby is not dressed well then you can increase the quantity by 10 ml more it will mean that 50 ml in 24 hours is enough for the baby to have and it is only for the oral hygiene is just try to give after feeding solid 19 anyways a 6 month old baby should have only one meal in a day so water is not that much required. Hope this helps!
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Question: how much water should be given to 6 months baby
Answer: start with very tiny steps.. as such if you start solids for your little one he needs water.. otherwise your breastmilk willhave everything.. so start with very small quqntity and then increase the quantity.. approximately 2/3 spoons
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