Few days old baby

Question: How much time new born need to breastfeeding to full stomach?i tried for 40 min bt he is still hungry.

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Answer: Dear usually feeding for 5 to 10 minut is also enough if the breastfeeding production is good but if you have low production then feeding for 1 hour will also be not satisfying your baby so try to increase your breast milk production take papaya jeera water masoor dal shatavari powder with milk it will help
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Question: what food can I start to my baby he is 6 months old baby boy???
Answer: you can start with fresh fruit puree vegetable theories as they are very easily digestible and very nutritious I started with apple and eventually added carrot beans prunes banana guava papaya etc
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Question: How much bp should we have in order to have normal delivery? My bp is 130/90 through out my pregnancy. Can I have normal delivery?
Answer: Yes there are chances for normal delivery.Just be positive.dont take stress at the time of labour pain.
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Question: Hi When i use Indian toilets during pregnancy feel like stomach is pressing is it ok? there is no harm to fetus?
Answer: It is better to use indian toilet.But if u have complications then dnt use it.
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