1 months old baby

Question: How much time it takes for baby to burp after feeding as my baby is not at all burping

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Answer: Upto 15 minutes. Shoulder pe bachche ko achche se le ke. Gently aap bachche ki peeth par thap thap Kare. He will feel good and burp bhi aa jayegi.
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Question: How to burp after feeding..my baby wont burp even after 15mins burping time..is it normal for baby not to burp after a feed or is there any problem
Answer: Hi dear, hope you and baby are doing fine, my baby also used not to burp when she was small but still I kept on Patting her back at least for 10 minutes , just keep baby in upright position after feed and Pat her back, it is fine not to burp but still you need to do this as it help in digesting milk..tc
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Question: My baby is not at all burping even after trying for 10 to 15 minutes after feeding. What is the reason and how to make him burp?
Answer: Hi ... Each baby is different ,burping after feeding is actually a big task ... My son had took one hour to burp after feeding sometimes so try to make him burp once in few minutes till he burps. Also try different positions (putting him on ur shoulder, making him sit on ur side of ur lap and tapping his back gently, etc)
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Question: At night time after i feed my baby is not burping...how to make hom burp
Answer: Hi dear. Try to keep the baby on ur shoulder for some time.. As the baby goes to deep sleep, they won't burp.. try to make the baby sit on ur lap with back support and tap the back gently.. If the baby burp or not try to keep the baby on shoulder for at least 10-15min..
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