20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How much time does dr. Take for level2 scan ?

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Answer: Level 2 scan also called as anatomy scan is a test the observes your baby closely The sonographer might be aiming at for many diffrent view from different angles to get a clear shot It would be the best sonography as you would have a close look at the babies heart spine his hands fingers and every little part so you would enjoy it for sure It would take anywhere between 40 to 50 mins
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Question: How much time tiffa scan can take
Answer: Hi, it is basically a detailed study and hence takes more time then any other scans. However it depends and varies from radiologist to radiologist. Can take 30 minutes to 45 minutes of time.
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Question: how much time anamoly scan will take
Answer: Hi. Anomaly scan is done in between 18 to 22 week of pregnancy. In this s an your rafiologist will check all the baby parts if theybare growing well or not so it does take some time .
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Question: How much does dr. Take for level 2 scan ?
Answer: Around 500(normal ultrasound) to 750 (3D scanning)..Nd other things depends up on ur hospital..As prices varies from place to place
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