26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How much socked almond can eat per day?

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Answer: you should atleast have 10 almonds. A healthy daily intake of nuts is 30g (a small handful) or approximately: 20 almonds. 15 cashews.
Answer: One can have upto 10 soaked almonds daily.
Answer: 5 soaked almonds
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Question: Over night socked raisins and almond is safe to eat??
Answer: Hii yes u can have it next day. Soaking make it easy to digest. All the best.
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Question: Can I eat almond daily? And how much quantity?
Answer: Hello dear... Yes you can have 4-5 almonds daily, Almonds are rich in protein,iron ,vitamin E and riboflavin which helps in overall development of both mother and baby,it helps in major role in brain development of baby,it also increases blood count and prevents from anemia,nuts are usually healthy sources of essential fats during pregnancy,and almonds also provide for heart burn,which is quite common in pregnancy,when consumed regularly
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Question: Can i eat daily 4 socked almond
Answer: Yes dear you can eat 4soaked almond daily..Almonds are a rich source of fiber and fiber content in a pregnant woman's diet regulates the bowel movement and helps in easy digestion of food. This reduces the risk of constipation. The riboflavin content in almonds helps in the cognitive development of the baby.
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