32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How much should be the Amt of aminoactic fluid in 8 mnth

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Answer: Hello dear normal amniotic fluid in pregnancy will be 8-18 cm. If it is less than it is problem . Than you Should take more water. .
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Question: At 34 weeks how much weight should be the baby?
Answer: At the completion of 34 week of pregnancy . Baby weigh will be 2.1 kg. You Should take care of your diet. Eat at every 2-3 hour .
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Question: Hi, saffron should be consumed in 6 months.? How much quantity needs to be consumed in all
Answer: Yes dear you can drink saffron milk from 6 month. You Should choose good quality saffron . Take 3-4 strand for milk .
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Question: When to give wheat apple carrot celerac to baby can I give 8 pm ?? How much water should be add in half spoon for the first time??
Answer: For first time it should not be too thick... Little watery is ok
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