Few weeks old baby

Question: How much ml of formula feed should we give to 2 weeks old baby per feeding

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Answer: You can give 30ml of milk. If my answer is satisfied then mark as helpful.
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    Mathu Mathi758 days ago

    How many times should we give per day

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Question: How much formula milk in ml should we give to 3 weeks baby
Answer: Hello dear U should take 30 ml of warm water and add 1 spoon of formula milk to the water. Shake it and give ur baby to drink. 30 ml milk is to be given to baby at a time.
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Question: How much ml of formula milk should we give to 50 days baby
Answer: Hello dear 50 days old baby will need 30 to 60 ml of milk in every two to three hour depends on your baby
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Question: Hi ...for 2 months old baby how much ml of formula milk should give in feeding bottle for per feeding
Answer: Hi dear...per feed you can give your baby 60-120 ml of formula milk at 2 months of age...
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