2 months old baby

Question: how much ml milk 7 week baby should drink?

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Answer: 120-150 ml in case of formula milk and breastmilk no specific quantity defined.
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Question: How much ml milk should be drink?
Answer: Hi. During pregnancy one needs to have atleast 500ml of milk. You can add mumma protienex in to it to make it healthy and babies proper growth. Good luck.
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Question: How much ml of breast milk should a 4 month baby should drink per feed
Answer: Hi dear the quantity will always depend on the baby so please wait till the time baby accepts it willingly and happily there is no need to force feed the baby .. Hope this helps!
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Question: how much ML milk should my 4 month old baby should drink for each time...?
Answer: Hello! Ideally your baby should be having around 90 ml everything 3-4 hrs. But it is not necessary that the baby will always have the said quantity. Let the baby decide how much he or she has.
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Question: How much ml milk baby should give
Answer: Hello Here is a chart for ur baby to follow BABY MILK CHART  0-3 weeks  30-90ml every 2to 3 hours  8-12 feeds daily   3 months  90-120ml per feed  6-8 times daily  3-6 months  120-240ml per feed 4 to 6 feed a day 6-9 months  177-277 ml  per feed 6 times daily  9-12 months  207 to 236 ml per feed 3 to 5 feed a day.  Make sure u boil the bottles and nipples for at least 20 minutes.
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