2 months old baby

Question: how much ml formula should i feed my 2 month old baby

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Answer: Hi dear, At about 2 months, your baby may be taking  (120-150 milliliters) at each feeding and the feedings may be every 3-4 hours. But milk quantity could be differ from baby to baby. So don't feed forcely. Let her drink as much she wants. 
Answer: Hello dear, from birth each month the amount of milk / feed should increase by 1 Oz i.e. 30 ml. So, as your baby is 2 months old you should feed your baby 60 ml/feed for 6 times a day.
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Question: How much ml formula milk should I give to my 2 month old baby
Answer: Try to give 50-60ml at every 2-3hrs. If the baby cries or demands for more u can increase the quantity. Try giving your milk too.. u can combine feed.. even a teaspoon of ur milk every feed will benefit the baby. Try pumping to imcrease your milk supply. Take care. Happy parenting
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Question: How much ml of formula feed should we give to 2 weeks old baby per feeding
Answer: You can give 30ml of milk. If my answer is satisfied then mark as helpful.
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Question: how much ml formula should u feed my w month old baby
Answer: Hi dear welcome to motherhood.Try to give breastmilk only till 6months.If u r running short of milk ask ur pediatrician to suggest some tablet or use lactonic granules in milk and drink twice daily.It will increase milk supply.coming back to ur question ur baby is so small that formula milk nay or maynot suit the baby.best is to avoid.but if u insist in giving go for nan excella pro 1 or enfanil which doc suggested for me.first give very diluted.it will be prescribed on the outer xarton of the box
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