5 months old baby

Question: how much milk should be given to 5month old baby

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Answer: Hello! A 5 months baby can be given upto 90ml of formula during each feed. But also remember the amount might vary from baby to baby. It is not n thats your baby's takes the mentio amount obly. Important is thats your baby's should be active and achieving its milestones.
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Question: How much amount of milk should be given to baby
Answer: If baby have sufficient milk and her stomach is full she will stop drinking milk automatically and one more sign is they pass urine after every feed if their stomach is full.
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Question: How much formula milk should be given to 3 months old baby. And how many times it Shou be given.
Answer: How much... It depends on ye breast supply.. How many times... It depends ki wo feed krne k baad jga h ya soya h.. agar jga h to Baar Baar susu krne se uski tummy jaldi khali hogi or agar so gya h then will not
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Question: How much milk should be given to 1year old boy
Answer: you should give two cups of milk everyday to a 1 year old baby . you can also give yoghurt and cheese .
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