2 months old baby

Question: How much kg 6 year old boy. Is 15 kg is normal

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Answer: A 6 year old boy should be around 20 kgs of weight
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Question: How much water is required for 6 months old baby?
Answer: Hello dear. Once your baby is 6 months old, it's okay to give your baby sips of water when baby is thirsty. Don't overdo it, though, or you might give your baby a tummy ache or make your baby too full to eat well.
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Question: How much and how many times breastfeeding for 1 year old baby??
Answer: You can breastfeed your baby as and when demanded by your baby at this age as your baby is already having 3-5 solid meals per day dear
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Question: I have 6 yr old boy but he not eat properly his weight is 16 kg how many weight are there of 6 yr boy
Answer: At 6 years of age your baby should weigh approximately 18.5-20kgs dear...
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