Few days old baby

Question: How much is the time interval for breast feeding.I have 7 days old baby please help me?

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Answer: Hello! Initially you need to feed the baby every two hours. If the baby is sleeping, wake the baby and feed. Also you might find the baby going back to sleep while taking feed, you need to wake the baby again and complete the feed. Try to feed for atleast 30 minutes as this will ensure that the baby gets foremilk and hindmilk both. Take care
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    Thushara Thulasi62 days ago

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Question: How much breast milk is sufficient for the 7 days old baby?
Answer: mam breast milk baby Kitna leta hai yeh baby pe depend karta hai Kitna sufficient hai uska Idea aap aise laga sakti hai ki baby ko ek side se 20 minutes breastfeed de. uske baad aap baby ko burp dilaye aur phir dusri side se 20 minutes feed de. baby 40 minutes Kum se Kum jab feed leta hai tab uska Tummy full hota hai par chote baby beech beech mein so jaate Hain isliye unhe utha Kar feed dena zaroori hota hai .
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Question: Time interval of solid food and breast feeding for a 7 month baby . Pls help
Answer: Hi.. You can breastfeed once in the morning.. then after 1 n half hours give some solid food then feed him after 2 or 2 n half hours.. give him 3 meals (solid food) and mid morning n mid evening breastfeed him..
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Question: For how much time I can keep breast milk in fridge and is it safe for 7 days old child
Answer: Congratulations on your new born and welcome to the motherhood. Freshly expressed breast milk can be stored in an insulated cooler with ice packs for up to one day. Refrigerator. Freshly expressed breast milk can be stored in the back of the refrigerator for up to five days in clean conditions. However, use or freezer storage within three days is optimal. Hope this information was helpful.
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