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Question: How much does it generally cost for 6 week vaccination

3 Answers
Answer: Hello It depends from hospital to hospital if ur selecting a private hospital it can be from 1800 to 6000. You can go to government hospital. The vaccinations given there are free.
Answer: Hie It could cost anywhere between 1500 to 2000 it varies
Answer: Its depends on brand it can be from 5500 to 9000.
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Question: How much does it cost for 6th week vaccination on an average? Both pain and painless?
Answer: There is no painless. Pain is for sure there. Its only with fever or without fever. With fever is 2400 and without fever is 4k
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Question: How much does it cost generally for double marker test? Do I need empty stomach?
Answer: I had done my double marker test it cost around 3200/- in our city...no need to empty stomach
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Question: How much cost for vaccination ?
Answer: Hi dear which vaccination price you are talking about please clarify something that I can tell u approx rate.
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Question: Cost for 6 week vaccination?
Answer: One vaccination comes with painless option which costs 4k and regular one is for 600..my total cost was 6-7k for 1st month vaccine. I didnt took painless and chose regular one
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