6 years old baby

Question: how much chapati should a 6yr children should eat minimum and maximum how much

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Answer: Hello mam, it is good to eat chappathi but quatity is much important as 6 years old kid you can give 3 to 4 max . Make sure your kid intakes other supplements too try to give difference in sidedish veg curry., dal, egg curry, channa dal and give a cup of yogurt or buttermilk because wheat may cause heat in body temperature if u give chapati during night time give a cupofmilkbefore bed.
Answer: Hi. Eating chappathi is healthy. U can give a maximum of 3 to 4 chappathi with veggies and a bowl of fruit. Give them which they like but healthy too. U can give variety in chappathi with sweet stuffing one day. Another day by egg and other day by veggies stuffed inside which is more healthy and filling to them. Thank u
Answer: hello dear, if your baby can digest Atta or multigrain chapatis then a 6 year old child should eat minimum two chapatis of standard size and maximum for chapatis saree a day. if your child like chapatis and asking for another one its ok.
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Question: For 6 month baby how much interwel should i give each feed ( minimum and maximum)
Answer: Hi you can feed baby with a minimum gap of 4 hours and maximum up-to 5 hours. And give small quantity of food at regular intervals which helps in digestion .
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Answer: Hello,From about two to three weeks of age, your baby will probably gain about 120-240 grams (four to eight ounces) per week until his or her birth weight doubles, usually by four to six months. In the first few days after birth, babies normally lose weight, then get back to their birth weight by about 10 days. In the first three months, a baby should gain, on average, 140 to 210 grams (five to 7½ ounces) per week.  Between three and six months of age, the average rate of baby weight gain slows down to between 105 and 147 grams (four to five ounces) per week. breastfed babies grow more quickly in the first four to six months, and then slow down, while formula-fed babies grow more slowly at first and then gain weight faster, • Between six and 12 months, the average growth rate is 70 to 91 grams (2½ to three ounces) per week. • On average, babies double their birth weight by four or five months, and triple it by a year. parents should be aware that it also depends on mother's diet and genes in of the parents also plays a imp role.Take care.
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Answer: Hii During childbirth, the length of time that one is in labor to the time that one delivers one's baby can vary a lot from patient to patient. One of the main causes of variation is that if this is your first baby, it tends to take longer. If you already had a baby, it tends to be shorter. Moms who are delivering for the first time tend to take 8 to 10 hours to labor and deliver. Whereas, mothers who are on their second (or more) baby tend to take 4 to 6 hours. That can be much shorter, and it can also be much longer depending on: the size of the baby, the size of the mother's pelvis, and the adequacy of contractions. You can keep your labor shorter by making sure that the contractions are adequate. That would be something that your obstetrician would help you with.
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