Few days old baby

Question: How much breast milk one can tak out in bottle ?? I can nly tak out max 30 ml at one go from both breast. N how many times in a day I can do this?? M using philips breast pump Do u hv any idea hw v can sterlise feeding bottles in microwave aftr washing. . Plz repl

1 Answers
Answer: Firstly, many congratulations as you have a mother just a month ago. And, yes 30 ml expressed milk is absolutely ok as per ur baby's age. Feed/pump evedy two hours. Request to feed baby rather than pumping will help you to produce BM also feed Min.20 mins both side compulsorily i.e in total 40 mins. Infants sucks slow n needs more time, Moreover the more you keep baby with the more baby will be comfortable and the more BM can be produced. Secondly, kindly feed baby directly only why are you pumping? Feeding baby will increase your BM n will produce milk as per growing n increasing demand of baby. Still, if you want to pump kindly learn right pumping technique or buy electric pump bcz chances of mastitis is more when you pump.