32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How much amniotic fluid must be there during 31st week

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Answer: Hello dear. Amnuitic fluid is considered normal if it is between 8 to 18. Hope it helps.
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Question: How much amniotic fluid should be there in 35th week
Answer: Hello dear... Normal value of amniotic fluid is 8-18 cm, it is essential to maintain stable value for smooth and safe delivery
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Question: what care must be taken to prevent amniotic fluid leaking...am in 14th week is there amniotic fluid inside my womb...am carrying twins...
Answer: hello dear During this time, it’s important to not put anything in your vagina to reduce the risk of infection. Limiting vaginal exams, avoid intercourse, and refrain from douching or using tampons. If you’re preterm and suspect a leak, your maternity care provider will likely want to see you sooner rather than later. They will test the fluid to see if it is actual amniotic fluid. They may or may not do an ultrasound to determine the level of fluid remaining. If it’s a slow leak, especially from higher up in the amniotic sac, they might take a wait a see approach to see if the leak seals. During this time, you’re likely to be on limited or even full bedrest, and definitely on pelvic rest (nothing in the vagina) so trust and follow your doctor suggestions
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Question: My amniotic fluid is 8.5...how much it shud be there...
Answer: Drink at least 4ltr water in a day... and u can have coconut water...
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