32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How mch shud b AFI at 30 weeks

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Answer: Hi dear, Amniotic fluid index must be around 10-18 cm.
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Question: Normal afi at 30 weeks pls
Answer: Hi dear Your AFI must be within 10-18 cm.anything lower than 10 is considered inadequate,while exceeding 18 cm is too much.and your sugar levels need to be checked.
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Question: How mch weight shud be increased throghout pregnancy???
Answer: Hie You gain around 10-14 kg throughout the pregnancy Just maintain a healthy diet to keep on the good side
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Question: My afi is 21 at 30 weeks. Is this normal? What should i do to increase afi
Answer: Dear, it's already on the higher side. U don't need to do anything
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