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Question: How many years break is essential for second pregnancy incase of first ceserean delivery? I hd bp problem .it used to increase from 130 to 140 and during delivery day it increased more. So dr didn't tried fr normal delivery. I hd low thyroid and post parandial sugar was little high.so full pregnancy Dr had advised me no sugar ,less salt and oil.my baby became very thin just 2.2kg at birth.i dont want any bp,sugar and thyroid problems fr second pregnancy. So what must I avoid in food now only.

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Question: Hello everyone; I am 8th week pregnant according to scan report it's was my 2nd pregnancy my first baby age 2years. I got BP level 140/90 in this pregnancy so they gave BP tablet labetatol hydrochloride tablets 100mg and also I am taking folic acid tablets,susten 200 for my pregnancy. In my first pregnancy my BP level is very normal but in my 2nd pregnancy I got BP I don't know what to do I became affaird and worried. Please guide me about this issue and give some tips and food chart to reduce this BP level please.🙏🙏🙏
Answer: Dear every pregnancy is not same. Dear you should take these medicine on time. Along with this avoid to take oily fried food salt and pickle. Than you can control your bp. Monitor your bp.
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Question: My bp is 140 /80 so doctor has given me bp tablets and told me that she cant wait for natural pains and I need to be induced on next friday. So I want to know that what all I can do to get pain naturally within this week so that induction is not required ... i m a bit scared of induction ... this is my second pregnancy . My cervix was already dialating but baby head is not fixed . Pls help what can I do to fasten the delivery process
Answer: Yes if your bp is High than dr will do c sec not wait for normal delivery
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Question: My BP is 140/90 or 130 /80 the Dr said it is very high and I have no do normal delivery with such blood pressure or do C-section but am afraid of C-section any help how I control my bpin normal range
Answer: Avoid salty food and junk food, drink plenty of fluids
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