35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How many weeks it takes for the delivery of twin babies?

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Answer: hello dear some pregnant women with delivery will go for full term and some may go for pre term delivery dear.. if you are healthy pregnancy it may take 37 weeks or more for the delivery.. usually many pregnant women with twins will go for pre term delivery by 35/36 weeks.. so your doctor will suggest you the best dear.. trust and follow your doctor suggestions..
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Question: Dear mothers of all twin babies at how how many weeks ur babies were delivered(mcda twins)
Answer: Hi dear. a most of the time at twin delivery occur mostly Venom other actors in 9th month of pregnancy as multiple pregnancy result in heaviness which result in early busting of water bag but it is not necessary in each and every case there are so many mother who deliver their twins at delivery date only . so it may vary from person to person and there is not any particular time
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Question: How many weeks to delivery for twin pregnency
Answer: Your twins may be born a little early. Doctors consider 37 weeks to be full-term for most twin pregnancies. The average length of pregnancy for twins is 36.4 weeks. Babies who are born between 32 weeks and 37 weeksgenerally do very well.
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Question: Hii Dr.. how many weeks it takes to deliver a twin babies
Answer: It could take 40 weeks or sometimes you may deliver your any time post 37 weeks of pregnancy...
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