28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How many weeks after baby delivered is good for baby health

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Answer: Hello dear 40 weeks is considered as full term for babies and babies born after 36 weeks and before 37 weeks are considered as lower preterm means they are preterm babies but are not at higher risk.
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Question: After how many weeks sex is harmful for baby??
Answer: Hello dear. Sex is not recommended during first trimester and should be avoided completely. You can have it after 13 weeks if your pregnancy is not having any complications. Just make sure there is no pressure on your stomach while having sex. Hope it helps.
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Question: how many months, year should we supply bf for our baby... for good health ☺️
Answer: Breastfeed can be done as long as u r getting them....there is no stop. but again it depends on individual interest.
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Question: How many hour should sleep for good health for baby and for me
Answer: Hello dear... It is essential to sleep 8-10 hours,for healthy and smooth pregnancy
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