21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How many total weeks for a baby to be born

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Answer: Hello dear 40 weeks is considered as full term for babies and babies born after 36 weeks and before 37 weeks are considered as lower preterm means they are preterm babies but are not at higher risk. So, ur baby can born anytime after 37 weeks but u have to wait till 40 weeks.
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Question: Total How many weeks for delivery
Answer: Hi dear, You are at 27 weeks of pregnancy.usually a full term is said to be between 38-40 weeks.any delivery before 37 weeks is called preterm.
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Question: How many times should a new born to be feeded and for how many mints once in a while
Answer: You should feed your baby at least 20mins in an hour. And feed both the breasts.otherwise you will get milk collection and lumps. So feed when ever he requires with both breasts and burp the baby.
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Question: for how many days should be a new born baby be given sunlight..
Answer: u can show to sun daily..since d vitamin is essential ... there is no particular span for that ...but atleast for one month
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