8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How many tips

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Answer: Hi dear, You are now at 8 weeks pregnant.you should watch your diet as it directly impacts your baby growth and development.regularly take your prenatal vitamins too.get your scheduled scans done.keep your self active and also rest well.
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Question: How many hours should i sleep and iam not getting proper sleep can you suggest any tips
Answer: Hormonal changes affect sleep. Listen to calming music, read a good book or simply exercise to tire you. I had similar problem since my 6th month. I used to sleep barely for 2 hours a day and still felt fresh and energetic for rest 22 hours of the day. Problem subsided gradually by 8th month. My gynae told, Babies prepare their parents for future sleepless days and nights. Good luck. Dont worry.
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Question: give me some tips my last date of periods was 23 July how many weeks are remaining?
Answer: Dear your last period date is 23 July ,2018 so you are in your 29 week and 4 days pregnant..
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Question: Hi doctors my question is how many day to for baby makeshi & how to go in deliver after stomach what to do tell me any tips
Answer: Hi Dear! If u r referring to malish pls wait fr sometime to start it as the baby skin is delicate and post delivery it wil take time fr the stomach to come down, pls dont worry abt that focus on baby care, sleep a lot, feed the baby and take rest.. Hope this helps!
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