1 months old baby

Question: How many times we should feed a baby in a day and for how long?

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Answer: Hi deae u should feed ur new born baby after every 2 to 3 hours and immediately after baby do pee or potty. If baby sleep in a stretch then u should do dream feeding to ur baby. Dat means u should feed ur baby in sleep also after 2 hours as new born baby don't realised their hunger and contiNue sleeping without feed for long hours which led to low weight.
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Question: how many times do I feed my baby in a day and how long per feed??
Answer: hello dear at 4 months of age you need to feed 180-220 ml per feeding.. each breast your baby should drink around 10-15 minutes..for every two hours..
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Question: How many times a day we should feed for a baby it is good to feed 8 times a day
Answer: Hllo dear if ur baby s under 6 months nd depended on milk only then give breast feed after 2 2 hours untill ur baby completed 6 months nd give bf 20 min each side do that fore milk nd hind milk go to baby its hekpful in babies all over devlopment .try it nd if baby s completed 6 months nd his 7 months started then give 3 times feed nd 3 to 4 times solids 2 ur baby .
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Question: When can we give Tummy time before feed or after feed? How many times a day and for how long?
Answer: Hi dear u should give tummy tym twice a day for 30-40min after feeding gap of 30 min Shud be dere to avoid spit ups. This would strengthen muscles , n help develop skills in baby.
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Question: How many times in a day we feed a baby
Answer: Hi as initial first 3 months you should feed baby every two hourly then later can feed on demand and maintain a gap of maximum 4 hours. Take care
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