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Question: Perday how many times should i have folic acid in second pregnancy

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Question: Hello madam how many times take the folic acid tablet perday. Plz reply for getting pregnant.
Answer: Dear in my view talk to ur doctor and get it prescribed. During pregnancy, the recommended dose jumps to 600 to 800 mcg, or 0.6 to 0.8 mg. Of course, some women's needs are different. If you have a family history of neural-tube defects, you should probably get 4,000 mcg (4 mg) of folic acid a day. Hope it helps.
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Question: I am taking folic acid tablet daily how many times i have to take
Answer: Hello, Dear you have to take Folic acid tablet at least till you got pregnant. Rest you can confirm with your doctor about the same..
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Question: How many month we should take folic acid in pregnancy
Answer: Ideally it must be taken during first 3 months ... And after that u may continue it fir 9 months ...there's no harm
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