Few weeks old baby

Question: how many times should i give woodward's gripe water a day??

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Answer: Gripe Water Liquid is a medicine that is used for the treatment of Colic Pain, Infantile Colic, Griping Pain, Flatulence, Hiccups and other baby tummy conditions. Gripe water should be given only after the baby is 1month of age. Babies can be given gripe water up to 6 times in a 24-hour period to help relieve trapped gas.
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Question: How many times in a day should i give solid foods to 9 month old baby ?
Answer: At 9 months of age your baby should be given 3 meals, two snacks and breastfeeding sessions as per your baby's demand dear...
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Question: By baby completed 6 months. Shall i start solids to my baby. What should I introduce first. And how many times per a day. How much water shall I give to my feeding. Even feeding how many times
Answer: Hi .. yes you can introduce solid food to your baby. Start with home made cerelac or you can buy from shop, also you can introduce banana puree,apple puree, dhaal water and rice water . But introduce food in the morning like 3 days same food and check any food allergies in baby . You can give 30 ml water per day . And every new food you shud continue same food 3days to check allergies, then you can introduce another one. One time in a day you can give solid food in first 15 days rest of the time give your BM or FM .
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Question: How much gripe water should I give for my 1 month old baby per day
Answer: Hi dear...don't give gripe water...instead of gripe water you give coliza drops twice in a day as per pediatrician advice...takecare😊
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