20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: how many times in a day baby movement should be felt in 20 weeks pregnancy?

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Answer: Hello dear You'll probably start to feel your baby first movements like bubbles popping between 18 weeks and 20 weeks of pregnancy, although every pregnancy is different. If this is your first pregnancy, it may take you a little while to realise that those fluttering feelings are your baby's movements.
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Question: How many times baby 's movement should be feeled in a day ...
Answer: Honestly I never counted kicks for my baby.mi found it extremely complex..of you feel baby movements and pattern is fine then no need to worry.ideally it is to be counted 10 kicks in every two hours. It never happ n d in my case.and as you grow in pregnancy it reduces too as baby hardly has any space in Uterus to move that much..but if in doubt please get in touch with doctor.as every individual is different.
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Question: How many times baby should urine in a day
Answer: Dear 6 months baby should be at least 6-10 times in a day.if baby is ill or feverish, or weather is extremely hot urine output may drop by half and still it is normal.take care of your baby
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Question: How many times movement of the baby must be felt in a day ????
Answer: A baby is supposed to kick ten times in a one hour period, and if the baby doesn't kick ten times in a two hour period, you should contact your gynecologist immediately.
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