19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How many times baby moves in onr day

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Answer: Hi... during 19th week pregnancy you would start feeling the movement of the baby ... one day the movement maybe more and the next day it may be less... you will start feeling the kicks and flapping like movements ... you cannot say that every day your baby will have the same count of movements... after 23rd week you should feel the movements everyday ...
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Question: How many baby moves in per day
Answer: At least u should feel minimum 10-12 baby movements per day
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Question: How many times baby moves in a day?
Answer: It depends on baby mood and ur mood.....if ur happy baby moves will be more that day....All the best......take care
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Question: I'm 29 wks pregnant... Generally how many times baby moves in a day?
Answer: Hello... Baby should move minimum 10-12 times a day
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