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Question: Normaly how many times baby kick during 7mths

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Answer: The simplest one is to record the amount of time it takes for you to feel 6-7movements, such as kicks, rolls, or jabs. You should feel 6-7 movements in no more than two hours. Write down the time and day in a journal. May be you don't feel your babies move about 6-7 times in two hours. If you don't feel any movement in 24 hours. Visit ur doctor.
Answer: In two hours, baby movements should b 10-12 times.. Nd make sure after eating your meal. You have to count the bby movement.
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Question: How many times do should baby kick in a day normaly
Answer: If you're in the 3rd trimester and you want to check, monitor your baby's movements for two hours while lying on your side. Most healthy babies will have at least 10 kicks over two hours during normal active times. Every baby is unique, though, so there isn't one number that works for all pregnancies.
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Question: How many times baby kick at 9th month in womb
Answer: Baby kicks during 9 month are quietly less u may not feel more frequently compared to earlier months. After taking food u sit calmly and observe the moments it should not be less than 10 times a day. If it is less or if u r not feeling the movements consult your doctor immediately
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Question: Ina week 29 pregnancy how many times should baby kick?
Answer: Hi you should feel atleast 10 kicks in a day and if you feel less movements then eat some sweet and lay down on left side for sometime you will feel movements. And if you feel less movements for consecutive two days then see doctor immediately. Take care
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Question: Per day how many times baby will kick
Answer: Congratulations for your pregnancy you will be glad to know that every pregnant mother usually starts feeling the flutters and the little movement as early as in 16 weeks now coming directly to your question will there is not any particular criteria about how much for how many times a baby should kick you at a particular week of pregnancy and also there should not be any account also for the baby's movements as well. More important here is to notice how your baby moves what pattern at what time does he moves more only kicks you more when you get up again your lie down and so on you will start noticing these changes as you progress in your pregnancy If you feel a sudden change in the pattern of your baby or sudden change in the pattern of the movements then don't worry at that stage and you can do the following things to make him move #take a chilled drink juice water milksnything. Due to the sudden chane in temperature your baby will move. #make some loud noise listen to ur fav music # par a little lightly on ur belly. Hope the answer was helpful
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