Few days old baby

Question: how many times a one week baby shud pee nd poo

2 Answers
Answer: One week baby poo from 4 to 14 times in a day
Answer: It varies in each baby
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Question: How many times should one and half month baby should poo or pee
Answer: Pee..Your baby should be having around 6to 8 wet diapers. Poo.. 7time in one day or 1 time in 7 days.. Hope this answer will help you
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Question: How many times does a few days old baby poo???
Answer: Hi! If baby is exclusively breastfed, 10-12 times in a day is normal and once in 10 days is also normal. Dont worry if poop time is lot more or no poop at all.. Good luck!
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Question: In a day how many times a one year baby should pee... Pls help me
Answer: Hi. Around 6 to 7 times is the average that one baby should pee..more is ok. But it shouldn't be too less. Hope this helps!
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