7 months old baby

Question: How many tablets of calcarea phos should be given to 6 months old baby?

3 Answers
Answer: I suggest give only 2 tablets because baby is too small, from 8 month onwards you can Start giving 3 tablets
Answer: Give 3 tablets at a time for 3timess a day.
Answer: 2 tablets 2 time
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Question: How many meals should be given to 6 months complete baby?
Answer: Dear when ur baby completed 6 months nd 7 months ll start then give 3 to 4 times breaat milk nd 3 times solids per day. As after 6 months solids s more nessasary then milk its hekoful in babies all over devlopment. Try it
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Question: How much spoon of food should be given to 6-7 months old baby..
Answer: Hi dear baby need three spoonfuls of soft and smashed food it's become having a highly nutrients this three spoonfuls of food to give 4 times per a day with healthy snacks..
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Question: Hi.. how many drops of paracetamol should be given to 3 months baby who is 4.4kg??
Answer: 10-15mg/kg .. So u can give 40_50mg,drops based on the paracetamol content.. 1ml= how much mg...click a pic and post it
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