24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How mAny scannings will be done after 6th month

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Answer: Hi dear the next scanning will be in the ninth month that is growth scan which is the last scan but in between if the doctor has any doubts or any complications occur the doctor can ask for more scan.. but now there is nothing to worry dear take care
Answer: Every month 1 scanning... Actually no need but my doctor was taken..In the 9th month every 15 days check up important
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Question: How many scannings should be done during pregnancy...
Answer: Hi dear , approximately  4 to 5 scans. In 7-8 weeks you will have your 1st scan for checking your baby's heartbeat and single or twins. In 11-14 weeks NT (Nuchal Translucency) scan for checking down's syndrome. In 20-22 weeks Anomaly scan for checking baby's parts and growth. Umbilical cord related problems. In 34th week Growth scan for checking the baby's growth at that interval period of time and their weight. These are compulsory scans. And if it is needed then in your final weeks they will ask you to scan for checking your baby position has come down and the head is fixed.may this helps tq..
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Question: Totally how many scannings need in pregnancy and in which month have to be take scannings
Answer: Hie Approximately 3-4 scans through out pregnancy The first would be in your 2nd month post 6 weeks to monitor heart beat and predicted delivery date The second is done post 18 weeks before 21 weeks to confirm normal anatomy The third one is around seventh month to check with babys growth and development and position in the womb The fourth would be around ninth month around due date if you
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Question: How many scannings will there normally?
Answer: Usually atleast 3 ultrasound scannings u have to undergo in your whole 9 months pregnancy period
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