29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: how many scan is important during pregnancy

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Answer: if your pregnancy is going well then only 2 scan is done.
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Question: How many scannings are very important during pregnancy.
Answer:  pregnant women should have at least one scan in the first trimester. If yours is a low-risk pregnancy, you may have four or five scans during your entire pregnancy. 
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Question: During 9th month pregnancy is scan is important
Answer: Yes dear.. scan is important. Then only the position of baby can be understand. It will avoid the complications.
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Question: How many ultrasound scan is done during pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear three or four ultrasounds are normally done during pregnancy
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Question: How many hours is important to sleep in pregnancy
Answer: high in pregnancy you need to take at least 6 to 8 hours for peaceful sleep at night and 1 hour at day time
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