12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How many scan are required in whole pregnancy?

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Answer: Dear i had a healthy pregnancy and had 5 total scans. One after first trimester, then at 20 weeks, then at 8th month and then at 36 weeks and the last one just before delivery. Hope it helps.
Answer: Min 2 scan , one is viability scan in 6 weeks and anamol scan in 6 th month
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Question: How many sonography are required in hole pregnancy
Answer: Usually in the early pregnancy at 7-9 wks scan is done to detect heart beat, 12_14 weeks NT scan , 18-22 wks anomaly or tiffa scan to check the complete screening of baby and later in thrid trimester 32-36 wks tochekc baby growth and weight
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Question: How many injections are required during pregnancy?
Answer: Hello dear. Two vaccines are specifically recommended for pregnant women: the flu (influenza) vaccine, which should be given during the first or second trimester of pregnancy; and the Tdap (tetanus-diphtheria-acellular pertussis) vaccine, given when you're 27 to 36 weeks pregnant to guard against whooping cough. Take care.
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Question: how many sonographies are required in pregnancy
Answer: There are three major sonography and checkups but doctor can do it more times depend on the situation. For example sometime reports are not clear, sometimes baby doesnt show proper growth so for more deep reports they do more somography.
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