33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: how many houra of sleep mandatory at this time... Most of the time I am feeling drowsy. some says if u sleep fr long, baby head will become large nd some bad wastes grow in stomach.

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Answer: Don't believe in all these myths, your body is overtired due to pregnancy which is making you drowsy. Sleep as much as you want. Also maintain a high calorie protein rich diet to feel energetic.
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Question: My baby sleepa most of the time at sides ir some times on stomach ,.is it fine if i turns her straight she will wake up immediately
Answer: Hello, it is completely ok if the baby is comfortable sleeping on the sideways but you should avoid making the baby sleep on the stomach because this can sometimes cause vomiting
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Question: I feel like drowsy and tired always. And that makes me to sleep a lot in the day time. Many says it is normal in pregnancy and few says don't sleep much as you will out put up some weight. Is this normal or how to overcome on this??
Answer: Hie During pregnancy you may sleep more than usual as your body feels tierd as it works to nourish and protect the developing baby Your body is making 50% more blood and your heart is pumping 25% faster With the changing hormones level , increase in progesterone during pregnancy excessive sleeping is your body's natural way to cope with all the changes just don't let it affect your meal timings It won't affect your baby at all
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Question: I am not getting sleep at night time,because of back pain and all,so can i sleep at day time,if can how many hours will be fine,and at what time.
Answer: i think u should start some exercises which gives u some relaxation from back pain...or night sleeping is better then day sleeping...or u also can take some volini massage before going to sleep it will definitely work...
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Question: How long i will feel vomiting and nausea. If i take one spoon food i start burping badly feeling of vomiting. I m not able to get up from bed headache. How long i will feel this
Answer: Till you complet ur 3rd month. Its going to happen
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