3 months old baby

Question: How many months v should use iron and calcium tablets post delivery? ?

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Answer: Take them at least for 2 months. Also call to Doctor regarding the same as they know your condition best so they will advise best for you
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Question: After post delivery how many months did i use calcium and iron tablets?iron tablets means folic acid?
Answer: Hi dear, It's better to continue till you are exclusively breastfeeding.though post delivery you must have to eat well balanced diet and getting nutrition from various sources,still to get adequate nutrition since you would be brestfeeding,it's better to continue till you start solid it any formula milk for your baby.
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Question: Hi, Till how many months we should continue iron and calcium tablets post delivery.
Answer: Hello! Iron and calcium should be continued till 12 months after delivery and calcium atleast till you plan to breastfeed the baby. Take care
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Question: How many months after delivery should take calcium and iron tablets?
Answer: Hello... It is advisable to take folic acid and calcium tablet till six months,so that it can componsate your blood loss during labour,and it also gives nutrients eeded during breastfeeding.. A healthy diet with proper prenatal tablet is needed for healthy breastfeeding schedule.
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