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Question: How many months after will periods start for C-section

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Answer: Hello dear, it depends on your body...some women get periods after few months and some after a year of delivery... anything is normal when it comes to periods after delivery....
Answer: Usually after 6 months bt in some it may be before 6 mnths also and after 6 mnths also.. Varies individual to individual
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Question: After c-section when will periods start as regular??
Answer: Dear typically in most of the women menstruation will start about 2-3 months after delivery if not on breast feeding.but in breast feeding women it may vary, it may take 3-6 months or longer also.some breast feed women will resume periods between 9-18 months after delivery.but better to use barrier method during intercourse.take care
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Question: For how many days we should avoid eating brinjal and potatoes after c section
Answer: Dear your delivery has done now you can have Brinjal and potatoes . if you want to have it there is no problem if you are breastfeeding then you should avoid taking gassy foods .
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Question: How many days after c section we can sex
Answer: After C-section you can have sex After 2-3 month. at this time your bleeding has finished and your outer stitches will also heal.
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