8 months old baby

Question: How many meals can be guven to 8month old

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Question: How many meals should be given to 9.5 month old baby?
Answer: Hi desr do check the diet plan for 10 Month old baBy.but plz don't get stressed or disheartened if baby dont take everything. U can adjust as pwr ur baby need intErest and favourite foods. But providing proper meal schedule at this age will be really helpful for u in future.When baby wake up offer breastmilk or formula milk At 9:30  Rice cerelac and grated apple Oatmeal with chiku Egg york with roti Dalia porridge * One each day of the week At 11 am Ripe papaya  Banana slice Melon cubes Fruits Cooked apple cube Cooked carrot stipes At 1:30 pm Rice masoor daal pumpkin curry mashed Idli sambar Vegetable rice and curry  Veg fried rice properly mashed   Give milk at 4 pm At 6 pm 1 homemade biscuit Apple sauce Banana mashed Grape juice Flavoured yoghurt Chiku At 8 pm Dosa sambhar with no salt and dosa properly soften Allo gobhi mashes and chapati Vegetable soup and toast which is nicely soften in soup Chapati and crushed bottle gourd curry.  Daal and roti soaked properly in daal  At 10 pm  Milk 
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Question: How many meals shud be given to 11 months baby
Answer: Hello mam for 11 month baby you can give three times a meal and two times snacks it should be homemade healthy snacks avoid giving shop made food items to baby you could try giving more fruits, pulses, lentil, sprouts to child as a a mid snack. Can also try giving dry fruits milk dates to child everyday
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Question: Hi, how many meals to be given for a seven month old baby?
Answer: Hello! You can give 2 means and 1 snacks to your 7 months old baby.
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