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Question: How many kilograms(weight) we should gain in full pregnancy

Answer: In a healthy pregnancy an average weight lady gains around 11 to 12 kgs. 1 or 2 kg is gained in the first trimester and 5 to 6 kgs each in the second trimester. Already Overweight women gain less while underweight women gain more in pregnancy. Weight monitoring should be done at each prenatal visit preferably using the same weighing machine. Excessive gain can indicate high blood pressure and can cause many other problems. Hope this information is useful to you
Answer: Hi, ideally in pregnancy a women should gain around 1 5-2 kg us every mbeth So in total a waonen should gain 14-16 kg if weight during the entire pregnancy .
Answer: Nearly 8-10
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Question: how much weight should we gain in whole pregnancy period
Answer: Hello In your first trimester of pregnancy u should put on 1 to 2 kgs some times u can also loose weight due to morning sickness. In your second trimester and third trimester you should put on half to one kg per week. Keep your self well hydrated and eat a healthy balanced diet.
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Question: How many kilograms i should increase per month?
Answer: You should gain between 11.5kg and 16kg.1 to 1.5 kg in the first three months then 1.5 to 2kg each month until you give birth.
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Question: How much weight should we gain during pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear, If you are in the healthy weight range before becoming pregnant,  then ideally you should gain between 11.5 kg and 16 kg: 1-1.5 kg in the first three months then 1.5-2 kg each month until you give birth. Hope it helped.... Take care urself....
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