8 months old baby

Question: How many kg in weight of 9 month baby

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Answer: Hello dear 9 month baby boy weight should be around 9.3kg 9 month baby girl weight should be around 8.5 kg
Answer: Hello dear, baby weight should be 8-8.5 kg. in 9 month.
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Question: How many kg of weight should i increace in sixth month of pregnancy and during pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear. There is a specific range within which healthy women with uncomplicated pregnancies should stay: For women who start their pregnancies at a health rate, it’s 11 to 16 kgs. (The range varies for underweight to overweight to obese women, as the larger a woman is at the start of her pregnancy, the less weight she should gain to maintain a healthy pregnancy.) Unfortunately, deviating too far from these ranges can lead to serious complications for mother and baby. I would say consukt ur doctor to understand how much weight gain is good for you. Hope this helps.
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Question: Pregnant how many kg weight increase in 1 month
Answer: Every pregnancy is different. Pregnancy weight changes from one pregnant mother to another. An ideal pregnancy weight gain includes 2 to 3 kg increase in the first 20 weeks then 0.5 kg every week till the baby is due, which comes to around 12 to 14 kg in total.
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Question: How much weight of a baby in 9 month !?
Answer: Hey dear. Congratulations as your new arrival is on its way and will be in the world very soon. Your baby should weighs around 2.6kg (2,600 grams) during 35 weeks of pregnancy. Do let us know once your newbie arrives. Take care.
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